Details of the crime of the Salmiya girl who occupied Kuwaiti public opinion


A 26-year-old Kuwaiti citizen submitted a report to the Salmiya police station, stating that his sister claimed to have been dead for 5 years inside the apartment, and she was not buried or reported to the authorities, and that his 50-year-old mother is in custody, according to Al-Qabas newspaper.

The security men found the girl’s body and it was a skeleton, so it was kept and placed under strict guard, and the Public Prosecution was informed, which ordered the registration of a death case under the name of a criminal suspicion.

Security sources said: “The Public Prosecution summoned the mother and son and his brother yesterday evening to interrogate them in the circumstances of the strange case, and the Public Prosecution, after the end of the investigation that lasted for hours with them, ordered the release of the reported son, and the detention of the mother and her other son in Salmiya police station until the completion of the investigations of the investigations into the incident. And the appearance of a forensic report on the cause of death, which will decide the classification of the case when it appears.”

The sources added that the investigation of the apartment by the detectives and forensic evidence revealed that the mother had closed the central air-conditioning outlets inside the apartment with “nylon” so that the unpleasant smell would not escape to the rest of the building’s residents. To leak the smell of the corpse.

The sources indicated that the inspection also revealed that the part of the apartment in which the dead daughter was staying – which is a small room and bathroom – was closed with very tight wooden partitions that are difficult to open, and it turned out that this part had not been opened for several years, and was filled with dust, It also suffers from neglect and lack of hygiene.

A security source told Al-Qabas that the investigators noticed abnormal behavior on the mother – who suffers from cancer – and her two sons during their interrogation.

During her confession, the mother justified the investigation that her dead daughter was often out of the house, which prompted her to confine her freedom in a place similar to solitary confinement, and prevented her from going out to the street for all.

The mother added that one day she opened the door for the daughter in her cell to offer her food and drink, and found her dead in the bathroom.

In a question during the investigations about her concealment during these years about her daughter’s death in her home, the mother said that she was very afraid of legal accountability for imprisoning her daughter’s freedom, she remained silent on the news of her death and did not inform the security authorities over the past years.

The sources concluded that the detectives summoned the father to hear his testimony about the case, as it was found that he had been separated from his wife for several years.


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