Dune Part 2 is inevitable although it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet


Dune Part 2 is definitely on the chart, as Warner Bros. has been thrilled. The next Dune sequel is definitely going to happen.

WarnerMedia Studio and Network CEO Anne Sarnoff hinted at Deadline That, although not given the green light to work on Dune Part 2, it is inevitable:

“Will there be a sequel to Dune? If you watch the movie, you’ll see how it ends. I think you know the answer to that question well.”

Dune Part 2 will reportedly focus on Zendaya's character, Chani.
Dune Part 2 will reportedly focus on Zendayas character: Chani.
Recall that the movie Dune Based on Frank Herbert’s novel and tells the story of only the first part of the story, the movie is even titled Dune: Part 1, making it clear that there is still more story to tell. It has already made a promising start, With a global opener that grossed $36.8 million.


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