Egypt struck hours ago.. 12 important advice during lightning and thunder


01:40 PM

Tuesday 12 October 2021

I wrote- Amira Helmy:

The sky of Cairo witnessed yesterday, Monday, and the early hours of Tuesday morning, sounds and lights of lightning and terror, accompanied by heavy rain.

The Meteorological Authority said that the latest satellite images indicate the presence of low and medium rainy clouds in separate areas of Lower Egypt, northern Upper Egypt, Cairo and the cities of the Canal.

The authority added that the weather is now rainy in a number of areas in Greater Cairo, the northern Delta and the governorates of northern Upper Egypt.

The authority had said that the Sudan depression extends north, announcing the beginning of the climatic autumn season, as the Sudan depression is considered a hot air mass that is active during the autumn and spring seasons, extending north to the Arab Republic of Egypt with different phenomena of varying intensity.

Experts have put together some recommendations about what you should do during lightning and thunder, which we mention to you, according to what was reported by the American “Bright Side” website.

To understand how far away you are from the thunder, note how much time passes between the flashes of lightning and the sound of thunder. If it is about 5 seconds, you have time to move to a safe place.

– If there is no gap at all between the flash and the sound, the lightning is right above you, you have to get into the nearest building or inside your cars ASAP.

Even if there is thunder and you are inside a building, lightning strikes are still a threat, especially when it comes to various devices in your home, it is best to turn off the computer and TV in this case, and close the windows and doors.

Don’t shower during thunder, especially if you are out in the countryside, where homes and communication lines are not well protected from lightning strikes.

– The main rule here is to stay away as much as possible from everything that rises from the ground and anything connected with bodies of water or made of metal:

Tanks are extremely dangerous during thunder, if you find yourself near or in the water, move at least 30 metres.

Avoid chain-link fences and large metal objects.

It has not yet been proven that mobile phones attract lightning, but it is best to be careful and turn them off.

Do not stand near an electric pole fire to avoid electrocution.

– Know that if you are inside a car, it is a safe haven from the thunder, but close the windows and doors, if lightning strikes your car, the charge will travel to the ground through the metal body of the car, so do not touch the metal parts of the car, and if you are riding a bicycle, stop and relax Inside a building or under the nearest bush.

If you find yourself facing lightning, don’t run: the airflow you create behind you can attract the lightning. Move smoothly, or try not to move at all.

Close the windows if you’re at home, a ball of lightning has been known to fly into homes through them.

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