El Gouna Festival Press Conference: A public apology for Yousra for picking up Tamimi and canceling the screening of the opening film


The Higher Committee of the El Gouna Festival held its press conference hours before the opening of the fifth session scheduled for tomorrow evening, Thursday, October 14, and the conference was attended by the star Yousra, member of the International Advisory Committee, Naguib Sawiris and his brother Samih, the artist Bushra and Amr Mansa, the founding team of the festival, and Inshal Al-Tamimi, director general of the festival, and Amir Ramses, artistic director .

Yousra from the El Gouna Festival press conference – the photo is especially for my lady

The conference initially witnessed a clarification on the consequences of the massive fire that occurred this morning, Wednesday, and Samih Sawiris confirmed that he had never seen a fire in this way in his life, but at the same time he confirmed that there were no significant deaths or injuries among the work team, and indicated that the restoration of the burned hall had already begun, And before the opening tomorrow, there will be no trace of the fire.

Intisal Al-Tamimi
Al-Tamimi was removed from the El Gouna Festival press conference – the photo is especially for my lady

Samih added that the only effect will be at the expense of VIP visitors, because the burning hall was designated for them, and seats will be allocated to them among the rest of the festival guests, while the fire did not extend to the red carpet corridor or the opening ceremony hall.

The most prominent event was the admission of the festival director, Inshal Al-Tamimi, that his statements about the artist Yousra were not successful, and he announced his apology from her, rose to her and embraced her. And Yusra accepted the apology without comment, while the festival’s founder, Naguib Sawiris, confirmed that his side had unintentionally recovered from his controversial statements, and at the same time denied rumors about the existence of muffled crises within the festival’s team and confirmed that today’s fire came as a redemption for the crises that some deliberately provoke around the festival. .

Najib pointed out that the belief that the festival is limited to stars and dresses is incorrect, and called on critics to look at the busy schedule of events by showing many important films locally, Arab and international, in addition to seminars and specialized exhibitions.

Amir Ramses confirmed that the opening film was canceled tomorrow, pointing out that the decision was taken unanimously by the members of the organizing committee, in respect of the value of the films, as most of the guests are busy with the incidents of passing on the red carpet and then honoring, and the film does not receive the appropriate attention, so it was decided to show it on the first day of the corresponding artistic events. Friday 15 October.

The press conference witnessed the screening of a short film about the past four sessions, and Samih Sawiris indicated that the festival had stopped giving money to foreign stars to attend the opening, pointing out that the international reputation of the festival had become the biggest attraction for stars, and he also said that the festival’s holding last year at the height of the Corona crisis encouraged Many international festivals hold their sessions normally, including the Venice Festival.

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