El Gouna Festival… the exciting opening and revenge plan against Mohamed Ramadan


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Preparation for the fifth session of the El Gouna Film Festival began early, with intense publicity and announcement of new and important films, the atmosphere and the guests. Resulting in significant losses, the preparations for the celebration, which began on October 14 and will continue until October 22, continued with the same efficiency.
The observers of the festival expected that they would see a distinct and different session, and indeed that happened, the difference came in the form of canceling the opening film as a tradition followed in all Arab and international festivals.
According to what was attributed to the festival director, Amir Ramses, the cancellation was intentional, because the invited senior filmmakers and some public figures do not care much about watching the opening film, and they leave the hall before the end of the show, so it was decided to cancel the screening of the film out of respect for its makers, and the truth is that the words of the festival director are different. The prevailing and followed, it is known, established, and certain that showing any film at the opening of any festival is a special appreciation for the film, its director, producer, heroes and the rest of the industry, and therefore there is no point in this claim. Fifth, if Amir Ramses had stated so, he would have been more honest and accurate in justifying the absence of the opening film, which is one of the basics of organization and training in all important and unimportant festivals of the world.
We come to the most exciting point in the opening ceremony, which is the brief presentation of the star Muhammad Ramadan, turning off the light and cutting the sound while he was on the stage, in a negative message that the rejection of his presence at the festival, especially since no attempt was made to remedy the matter by restoring the electric current and sound, so that he could complete his song « Girls atmosphere” Regardless of the inappropriateness of the occasion, but no one bothered to apologize for what happened, even out of courtesy, and these things surround the whole matter with suspicion, and lead to the belief that what happened was intended. And if we accept the validity of this bad thought, this means that Ramadan was invited to the opening ceremony and the intention was to announce his rejection in public, which represents a complete absence of the decency and rules of protocol usual in festivals and occasions, and raises an important question about the fundamental reasons that led to undermining the feelings and feelings of an artist on this grammar? It is not logical that this was a reaction to Muhammad Ramadan’s pride in himself and his bragging about his success and displaying his artistic capabilities in singing, or his talk about his advanced ranking among his peers from the stars, or other reasons for the provocation attributed to him and taken on him. Exaggerated because it is also provocative from the size of the intense attack on him, where for every action there is a reaction equal in strength and opposite in direction.
Then the war in this way between the stars in all countries of the world is burning all the time, and there are those who come with actions and behaviors that exceed the actions of Muhammad Ramadan in stages, and examples of this are many, and perhaps the clearest of them is the late singer Michael Jackson, who was masterful in creating strange and exciting forms of propaganda, from changing Skin color leads to wearing clown costumes and even his attack on certain types and nationalities of the audience, according to what some newspapers wrote about his glow and luster, accusing him of extreme narcissism and vanity.
The meaning to be clarified in the crisis of Muhammad Ramadan is that the artist in the stage of popularity, spread and stardom is moody and eccentric, especially if he achieved success, and reached the top of the competition at a young age, when he thinks that he is targeted and interprets every criticism directed at him as a kind of hatred, and a desire buried in the Others destroy him, and accordingly, a feeling of persecution is generated in him, but this feeling quickly disappears with the passage of time and the maturity of his experience, and if we review the history of Egyptian stars, we will find that most of them were chased by rumors and were subject to severe criticism, whether in their general appearance, performance or excessive confidence in themselves Some of them were accused of harsh accusations that outweighed the accusation of arrogance and arrogance, and for years they remained the talk of the press and media, and in the end the storm ended and the artist, his creativity and his art remained.
Moreover, it is not appropriate for a large crowd of stars to participate in the El Gouna Festival, such as Laila Elwi, Elham Shaheen, Nelly Karim, Mona Zaki, Sumaya El Khashab, Ahmed Fahmy, Mohamed Farraj and Ashraf Abdel Baqi, and to be among the honored Ahmed El Sakka as an important creative achievement owner, while at the same time treating a colleague of theirs. He has his name and his artistic merit, a treatment that offends him, upsets him, and diminishes his worth in front of a large crowd of attendees, in full view and hearing of millions.

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