El Gouna Festival.. The late Samir Ghanem is the strongest present, and Mohamed Ramadan responds to a bouquet of roses: Peace is good


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The activities of the fifth edition of the El Gouna Film Festival kicked off on Thursday, October 14, 2021, in a ceremony that extended until the early morning hours of Friday, in which the late Samir Ghanem was the strongest present on stage, who witnessed Honoring Ahmed El Sakka.

The opening ceremony was delayed by about half an hour, after a lengthy review of the star’s flock to the festival’s red carpet, and Egyptian businessman Samih Sawiris apologized for the delay, after he went on stage with the artist Yousra.

Sawiris stressed the importance, value, and importance of the Egyptian star, as “the main supporter of the festival”, and spoke of his extreme tension, due to the challenge and pressure the festival faced after the huge fire that consumed a large part of the “Plaza” on Wednesday morning.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Orascom Development expressed his pride in the efforts of the workers who repaired the damage and restored the place as it was with diligent work, saying: “In my life, I was not proud of the people who worked with me for the past 24 hours…”

Yousra noted the huge effort made by the “labor” to repair the damage caused by the fire, and expressed her happiness with the relationship she had with the Sawiris family, saying: “I am the happiest I can be from this family… the family de Sanad.”

Greetings to the departed

The Egyptian artist Sayed Ragab paid a moving tribute to a number of Egyptian and Arab writers, filmmakers, musicians, and actors who passed away during the current year, namely: the artists Samir Ghanem, Ezzat Al-Alayli, Dalal Abdel Aziz, Youssef Shaaban, Ahlam Al-Gretali, Hadi Al-Gayyar, Maher Selim. And Nadia Al-Iraqiya.

And the Egyptian writers: Wahid Hamed, Kawthar Heikal, Mustafa Muharram, and Faisal Nada, the Egyptian composers Gamal Salama, the Lebanese Elias Rahbani, the Egyptian director of photography Ramses Marzouk, the Tunisian director Moufida Tlatli and the late Syrian writer, actor and director: Hatem Ali.

Creative Achievement Award

The El Gouna Film Festival, in its fifth session, honored the Egyptian artist Ahmed El Sakka with the Creative Achievement Award. The honor was handed over by the Tunisian-Egyptian artist Hend Sabry, who presented him as the good brother, and the “Saheb Al-Jada’” who has the morals of knights: “The Knight in Cinema and Truth..”

Al-Sakka gave an influential speech in which he talked about the dream of cinema, which was unattainable for him and his generation, before they contributed to achieving his “hike in this industry” on the level of revenues starting in the late nineties of the last century.

Ahmed El-Sakka gave his honor to the late artists Samir Ghanem, Dalal Abdel Aziz, the late businessman Onsi Sawiris, and his father, Salah El-Sakka, who recommended him on his deathbed to take from the star all his attributes, “except for the distance”, saying: “Let people extend their hand to reach you at that time.” You’ll be a star…”

He also gave it to his media wife, Maha Al-Saghir, and his mother, the “strong lady” Nadia Al-Srouji, who was among the attendees, and the camera caught the signs of affection on her face, and for the sons of his generation of Egyptian artists.

The Egyptian star seemed to be sweating on the stage, and a funny incident occurred with him when he inquired of his wife about the reason she referred to him during the conversation, before his fellow artist Sherif Mounir climbed the stage with his usual wit, and wiped the traces of the tissue with which he wiped his sweat from his face and jacket, and interacted with his honor Actress Mona Zaki, his colleague and partner in a large number of their most successful films, presented a certificate in the film material recorded about him on the occasion of the honor.

The late Samir Ghanem is the strongest present

The Egyptian artist, Lebleba, with great affection, gave a special greeting to the spirit of the late artist Samir Ghanem, describing him as the “maker of happiness”, saying: “We love you, and you are in our heart, and you love our heart, and I miss you…”

In parallel, the smile did not disappear from the faces of the attendees, while presenting a dance performance salute to “Samoura, the Maker of Happiness”, with the presentation of the most beautiful things that the audience of the Arab world keeps in his memory, for the late immortal clips he presented in his famous plays and films.

Mohamed Ramadan and the bouquet of roses

Ramadan did not seem to have the opportunity to speak after presenting his musical performance, in which he concluded the opening activities of the El Gouna Film Festival, where he contented himself with the word “reconciliation is good”, in response to the bouquet of roses presented to him by the artist Bushra, in reference to a previous dispute between them, when she released a song. Cobra” in 2018, mocked his song “I am the King”.


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