El Gounas looks.. Rania Youssef in a bold dress.. Yousra is charming in Ahm


03:00 pm

Saturday 16 October 2021

I wrote – Shaima Morsi

Photography – Alaa Ahmed

The stars shined on the red carpet on the second day of the El Gouna Film Festival in its fifth session, with looks that caught the eye and became the talk of the pioneers of social networking sites.

Here, we present to you the looks of the second day that were characterized by diversity, elegance, attractiveness, and even excitement and exoticism.

Raniya Yousif:

The artist, Rania Youssef, wore a short dress with ruffles and a mixture of white and black colors, and she adopted a strong make-up, and wore accessories consisting of a collet and a ring, and coordinated with her look a clutch in golden color, leaving her curly hair loose.

Nisreen Tafesh:

The artist, Nisreen Tafesh, wore a multi-colored dress with a cup-style decorated with embroidery from the bottom, and she adopted earthy makeup and accessories consisting of long earrings and a ring, and she chose to leave her hair hanging down.

Amina Khalil:

The artist, Amina Khalil, wore a dress in a golden color, distinguished by a bold leg opening, and she adopted a soft make-up, and she chose a ponytail hairstyle, and she wore accessories consisting of long earrings, a ring and a set of bracelets, and coordinated with her look a clutch in golden color.

Jamila Awad:

Actress Jamila Awad wore a cut-out dress in orange and baby blue, and the dress was open at the waist. She adopted soft makeup and left her curly hair hanging on both sides, and coordinated with her look with a golden clutch.


The actress consisted of Yousra, who wore an elegant loose dress of red satin, with a one-shoulder look and a long leg opening, and coordinated a golden clutch, high heels in the same color, and adopted a loose and red hairdo as the color of the lips.


The artist, Dora, wore a dress resembling the look of Disney princesses, fluffy in a light gray color, decorated with jupiter and lobes, and the other part of the hill. She coordinated with the look a circular clutch in the same color as the dress, and high-heeled shoes in the same color and embroidery. Dora relied on the loose hairstyle and calm colors in make-up.

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