El-Shennawy confirms to Schubert the incident of El-Hadary in the team’s training session


Ahmed Schubert, former Vice President of the Egyptian Football Association, revealed the details of his conversation with Mohamed El-Shennawy, the first team goalkeeper in Al-Ahly Club, during the past few days, on the sidelines of attending Mohamed Magdy Afshas wedding.

Schubert said in statements on Ontime Sports: “At Afshas wedding, I sat with El-Shennawy and we talked about the details of his injury. He told me that in the team’s training before Libyas first meeting, the goalkeepers were practicing the reaction.”

He added, “During that part of the training, a ball was hit at Al-Shennawi’s foot, and it hit the nerve and the injury occurred. I asked him why did you play the match? Al-Shennawi told me if he felt his ability to participate.”

He continued, “Al-Shennawi told me that he trained well and naturally, but he had a problem with the foot, and agreed with the technical staff to avoid hitting the ball or sending long balls in the second Libya match. My presence in the match was a desire of the coach, and this is a nice thing that Have confidence in the coach.

And he continued, “I wanted to pass the balls with my hands only, but in the first 10 minutes we were pressured, and the technical staff asked me to play long balls… and while hitting one of the balls, I felt the injury.”

Schubert explained in his statement to the On Stadium program that El-Shennawy informed him that his injury was a tear in the posterior muscle of 7 to 8 mm in length, confirming his absence for a period ranging from 4 to 5 weeks, and that he would not rush to return to training and matches.

El-Shennawy confirmed – quoting Schubert – that the relationship between him and Essam El-Hadary, the national team goalkeeper coach, does not have any problems, and that it is based on mutual respect, and there is no room for tension between them.

And about the incident of Al-Shennawi’s excitement in the Libya match during his replacement, Schubert said: “Al-Ahly’s guard told me that he did not mean to shout at the medical device, but he was saying to them (I told you, no more).


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