“Electronic application” .. Al-Azhar reveals the study plan after canceling the book


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Friday 08 October 2021

Books – Mahmoud Mostafa:

Mohamed El-Sherbiny, Vice President of Al-Azhar University for Education and Student Affairs, said that the decision to cancel the paper book and print notes during the new school year, and to replace it with CDs, comes within the state’s plan for digital transformation.

El-Sherbiny added, in statements to Masrawy, on Friday, that the university is currently working on completing an electronic application that works while online or offline, and put college courses on it, noting that CDs will not be distributed to students, as some have raised.

The Vice President of Al-Azhar University indicated that the prices of study materials for each faculty that are available on the electronic application, will be the same as the price of the paper book, and will not exceed it, and will be available to all students in Cairo and the regions.

El-Sherbiny pointed out that all academic courses will be completed on the university’s application within a month from now, so that students can study and prepare for the mid-year exams.

Al-Azhar University decided to ban the paper book and replace it with CDs, starting from the current academic year.

Al-Azhar University’s decision stipulated not to sell or print books, notes or any paper materials, starting from the academic year 2022/2021, in line with the state’s vision of digital transformation.

The decision stipulated, according to the statement of the Office of the Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, CDs, which are divided internally into volumes in the name of each division, “study programs within each volume of the division for each study group.”

The decision included the approval of the faculty member in the name of the book and its content and his full responsibility for what it contains and his approval to publish it electronically, and the approval of the department council to teach the book within the department’s decisions for theoretical and practical colleges.

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