Engy Alaa praises “Ancient Egypt in Film” and the panel discussion


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Friday, October 22, 2021

Books – Hani Saber:

Author Engy Alaa, wife of the artist Youssef El Sherif, praised the movie “Ancient Egypt in Film” at the Fifth El Gouna Film Festival, and the panel discussion held around it entitled “An Image of Ancient Egypt in Cinema”.

Engy published pictures during her presence at the show, through her account on Instagram, and commented: “I was very pleased to attend the screening of the movie “Ancient Egypt in Film”, one of the activities of the El Gouna Film Festival and its panel discussion.”

And she continued, “A real respectable effort from the film’s director, Mahmoud Rashad, and from the artist, Bushra, the co-founder of the festival, in implementing the film, and their keenness to convey a correct and honorable image of the ancient history of Egypt through drama and cinema, and the symposium was with the participation of the scene coordinator and decorator, Professor Onsi Abu Seif, and the distinguished producer Muhammad Al-Saadi, and Egyptologist Dr. Yasmine El-Shazly.

She added, “I was very pleased with the fruitful discussion and attention to the smallest details to show the image of ancient Egypt in the best image that befits Egypt’s stature and the ancient Egyptian civilization.”

The film revealed that there are only 100 films that approach the history of ancient Egypt, but most of them cannot be considered as a document that tells facts about that history, as they included many historical inaccuracies, including the famous Cleopatra movie, starring Elizabeth Taylor.

The fifth session of the El Gouna International Film Festival is called “Cinema for Humanity”, and it will be held from October 14 to 22 of the same month.


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