Famous Egyptian media: “feathers” is an Israeli movie to penetrate the Egyptian mind


A famous Egyptian journalist:

A shot from the movie

Egyptian journalist Mostafa Bakri said that the movie “feathers” caused “a commotion throughout the country due to the language in which he spoke and the scenes in the film, and transcended the reality we live in.”

He added, during his presentation of the “Facts and Secrets” program broadcast on Sada Al-Balad channel, that “we have never been against creativity, but it is not allowed to penetrate the Egyptian mind.”
He continued, “After the setback of 1967, a number of critical films were filmed in the cinema and in the system that they were talking about was a dictatorial regime at that time, and we are now in a national system and a system that allows the cinema to express itself,” explaining that there is “a big difference between the belittling of The case of Egypt and the Egyptians and their perception that they are in a country that lives in the jungle and did not even come out to life, and this is not true, especially with the implementation of a decent life project that puts the countryside in the ranks of cities.”
And the Egyptian Minister of Culture demanded the dismissal of Mohamed Hefzy from the presidency of the film festival out of respect for the feelings of citizens, explaining that “the film was booked for screening on December 23, and this film must be stopped and submitted to a committee to look into this matter and how the script came out in this way.”

He revealed that the great director Saeed El-Shimy said that the production of the movie “Rishes” was exaggerated, amounting to 13 million dollars, as he stated on the social networking site “Facebook” that it only costs one million dollars, and that the main financier, as published by a French company, has an Israeli person claiming Per Menachem and his partner are responsible for the selection of films in the international competition segment of the Festival de Cannes.

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El Gouna Festival..Film

The screening of the movie “feathers” sparked a wave of intense anger among the artists and everyone who watched the film on the sidelines of the El Gouna Film Festival, and considered it outside the artistic context and the role that art should play.

During the special screening of the film, a number of artists, including participants in the film itself, decided to leave the special show, accusing the organizers of distorting the facts, with the aim of offending Egypt, and the stars were the most critical of the film.
The artist Sherif Mounir, who withdrew only half an hour after the film was shown, and said that it was a movie “offensive to Egypt”, while others confirmed that the filmmakers deliberately insulted the Egyptian society, and showed it in a different way from reality.

Nasser Hatem – Cairo

Source: RT


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