FilGoal | News | A source from Kaf reveals to Al Joule the date of the draw for the third stage of the World Cup qualifiers


After the Egyptian national team is close to resolving its position on qualifying for the final stage of the World Cup qualifiers, the question now is the date of the draw, which was explained by a source from the Confederation of African Football.

Egypt leads Group F with 10 points, 4 points ahead of Libya and 6 behind Gabon.

A source from the African Union revealed to The date of the draw, saying: “FIFA has settled on December 18 as the date for holding the draw for the final round of the World Cup qualifiers for the African continent.”

“The draw will be held in Doha, in conjunction with the Arab Cup final,” he explained.

He concluded, “It is expected that FIFA will announce the matter officially within the next few days, after it notifies the federations of it.”

The ten group winners are expected to qualify for the third and final stage of the World Cup qualifiers.

Morocco and Senegal officially qualified for the final stage of the qualifiers.

The final stage of the qualifiers will be held next March, on a home and away basis.


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