FilGoal | News | Al-Ahly Club and the Rowing Federation support the “Middle and Live” campaign


This Friday morning, a parade of rowing boats started in the Nile River near El-Manial Island, which included a special display of a large number of balloons colored in distinctive purple to support ITP patients, as part of the closing celebration of the campaign “Remember and Live” to spread the definition of the disease, and on the occasion of the week The campaign was organized in cooperation with the Shifa Association and Novartis Egypt, while the celebration came in cooperation with the Egyptian Rowing Federation.

In the same context, a blood donation campaign was organized today for the benefit of people with blood diseases, in cooperation between Al-Ahly Club and the Shifa Association, at the Al-Ahly Club headquarters on the island.

The campaign, “Middle and Live”, which extended over several days, witnessed various activities, including lighting the Qasr Al-Aini building at night in purple, and cooperating with Ballerinas of Cairo to implement a video presentation of ballet dances on the streets of Cairo to encourage patients to be free from their fears and face the challenges of their daily lives, in addition to To the participation of a large number of athletes and artists by publishing about the disease and the goals of the campaign on their pages on social media, led by Nour El-Sherbiny and Ramy Ashour, world squash champions.

For his part, Dr. Amr Al-Nouri, President of the Egyptian Rowing Federation, said on this occasion: “Through this boating march, the Egyptian Rowing Federation seeks with partners in the campaign to improve the concept of public health, and spread the culture of sports as a healthy lifestyle among all citizens, as sport is a powerful way to raise awareness. Spreading awareness, and on the occasion of the International Week of Immune Thrombocytopenia, we are facing a disease in which sport can play a major role in raising awareness of it and its symptoms.”

He added: “This sporting event today via boats contributes to the embodiment of many values ​​of integration and convergence between different segments of society, which draws attention to supporting patients with thrombocytopenia and introducing it as an immune disease, as such sports shows have the ability to change many misconceptions. and spreading awareness among the citizens.


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