FilGoal | News | Al-Ahly: Salah Mohsen is absent for up to 3 weeks due to injury


Ahmed Abu Abla, Al-Ahly’s first football team doctor, revealed the details of Salah Mohsen’s injury, the team’s striker, and his absence from group training for up to 3 weeks.

Abu Abla said on Al-Ahly’s official website: “The medical examinations and x-rays that Salah Mohsen underwent proved that he had the beginning of a stress fracture in the metatarsal.”

He continued, “Salah Mohsen misses training and matches for up to 3 weeks and then participates normally.”

“Salah Mohsen started implementing specific physiotherapy exercises in the gym as part of the first phase of his treatment program,” Abu Abla said.

Salah Mohsen missed the team’s last trip to Niger due to a complaint about a foot injury before he undertook the necessary medical examinations.

Al-Ahly tied the first leg positively with a goal for each team against the National Guard, the champion of Niger.

Al-Ahly resumed its training this evening, Tuesday, after obtaining a negative rest for 48 hours.


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