FilGoal | News | Amer Hussein: The League Cup matches are part of the Shikabala ban if it does not end before it


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Amer Hussein, a member of the Association of Clubs and the supervisor of the competitions, revealed that the League Cup matches are counted within the suspension of Shikabala if they did not end before the tournament was played, noting that the security did not respond to the stadium of the Ismaili and Al-Ahly match.

Amer Hussein said in statements to On Time Sports 2 about calculating the League Cup matches as part of Shikabalas penalty: “We will announce eight or nine matches in the league before the African Nations, and therefore it is expected that Shikabala will end his suspension before that, but it will be included in the matches of his suspension if it does not expire.”

He added, “I am still convinced that the match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek should be at the end of the first round and then the end of the league to be a festive appearance, but the collective decision was not to direct the lottery.”

He continued, “All clubs have identified their stadiums, except for Egypt for clearing. There is a problem, but it will be resolved soon, so that the stadium will be ready to receive the league matches normally.”

And he concluded, “The security has not yet responded regarding the stadium for the Ismaili and Al-Ahly match. The response is expected to arrive before the detailed schedule is announced on Saturday.”

The league is scheduled to start October 25.See the schedule for the first round)


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