FilGoal | News | Amir Tawfiq reveals the reason for not putting the players’ names on the Al-Ahly shirt… and the details of choosing the design from a year ago


Amir Tawfiq, Al-Ahly’s contracting director, revealed the reason why players’ names were not put on the team’s shirts, as is customary with European teams.

Amir Tawfiq spoke to Al-Ahly TV channel, saying: “This is due to care. There is a problem in Egypt represented in the absence of Egypt, and we have to compensate for that in a different way.”

He continued, “One of the sponsors puts his name above the number, and this is how we get a great return.”

He continued, “With the return of the public and the sale of tickets, perhaps then we can cancel that order and write the names of the players, but in light of the instability of things, it will be difficult for this to happen.”

Regarding Al-Ahly’s new shirt, he said: “We chose the design a year ago, specifically in October of 2020, and Umbro did not put nine or ten stars while waiting for what would happen to the team in the African Champions League.”

He continued, “Umbro made the shirts without the Al-Ahly logo, and with the coronation of the Champions League it was placed.”

And about the basic shirt, “the red shirt should not have a lot of crowding, like the second or third shirt. The shirt should be calm with the color or shape of the eagle in a light color.”

As for its design, “the shirt is a standard from the seventies of the last century, with the check mark in the middle, and this is in reference to the Al-Ahly shirt at that time, which was manufactured by Umbro.”

He continued, “There are three white lines as well that refer to Al-Ahly’s shirt in the thirties or forties as well, with the flag of Egypt being placed on the shirt for the first time because Al-Ahly is the face of Egypt in African football and symbolizes our country.”

And about the black shirt and the reason for his return after his disappearance last season, “When the Umbro company made the black shirt two years ago, it was surprised that the black shirt sold more than the red.”

He concluded, “A problem occurred, and the company decided to abandon the black shirt and study the market needs further before the return of the black shirt this season with more manufacture.”


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