FilGoal | News | Arteta commenting on the abuse of Bruce: If we were affected by every opinion that is said, we will never be happy


Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta believes that the pressure and criticism that technical managers are now exposed to is part of the world of football, noting that adapting to the fans’ attack is a must.

English coach Steve Bruce was subjected to abuse after his departure from Newcastle United, which made him state that he may not work as a technical director again.

Arteta received great criticism due to Arsenal’s decline in results last season and the beginning of this season, and when asked what Bruce had suffered, he told reporters: “Many are thinking about leaving the profession.”

He continued, “I have many friends who are studying, reluctant to work in this profession, and are thinking about taking the position of assistant or another job.”

He continued, “The great coaches are also thinking about retirement. That should not be a hindrance, the fear of treating you badly. I think the profession is very interesting, so you should not be affected by what is around you.”

“You cannot lose focus, passion, and love. It is the number one reason why you wanted to work in this profession. If you were moved by every opinion that is being said now, with the ease of reading anything written about you, you will not be happy in anything you do,” he added.

And he added, “You have to adapt and help each other. Criticisms and opinions can make you better, you have to listen to them when they come from the right place. You have to be surrounded by the right people. It is about how focused you are. If you focus on these criticisms, you will not be a happy man.”

Arteta is spending his third season with Arsenal since he took over the club in December 2019, succeeding Unai Emery of Spain.

Arteta won the 2019-2020 FA Cup with Arsenal and won the Community Shield in 2020-2021.

Arsenal will host Aston Villa on Friday in the ninth round of the English Premier League.

The Gunners team occupies 12th place in the league standings, with 11 points.


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