FilGoal | News | Carteron: Al-Ahly did not have to go to the Esperance match… and withdrawing against him with Zamalek is not my decision


Zamalek coach Patrice Carteron said that Al-Ahly did not have to play Esperance in the CAF Champions League final against Esperance in 2018 at Rades Stadium.

And Carteron conducted a lengthy interview with “On Time Sports 1”, and all that follows is on his tongue.

The coach’s profession is difficult. We do not judge a coach by winning or losing a match.

In the return match with Al-Ahly, war was declared in Tunisia, the bus was destroyed and players were injured, and Kaf had another decision.

That match should not have been played, the distance from the hotel to the stadium did not have any kind of insurance, it is a very important point Is this a good atmosphere to play? I tell you we should not have played that match, they let us play in exceptional circumstances.

Did the Al-Ahly administration make a mistake in playing the African Champions League final against Esperance? We were all in a state of shock on the bus this wasn’t a sporty atmosphere, we should have used the rules and not play the game.

Did you ask Azzaro to cut his shirt at the go? I was surprised by a sufficient report on that incident, how can I be in my position and ask a player to do so? I asked the referee to go to the video, and all I asked him for Walid was whether it was a penalty or not, and he answered yes, I did not ask him to cut his shirt, this is impossible.

The Al-Ahly administration behaved with me in a wonderful and respectful manner. We lost the African final against Esperance, and it was a difficult match, but the administration dealt with me well.

Zamalek and Esperance in the African Super

I noticed that Esperance had a lot of empty spaces between the rows, and Mustafa Mohamed had an important role in putting pressure on the opponent in that match.

Was it a response to your defeat with Al-Ahly? Of course, there was something very strong in me, as I say, I avenged myself for my defeat in front of them. I think I had a very strong team with Zamalek and we were able to beat them.

Facing Al-Ahly for the first time after leaving him

I admit to you that I was very worried, I thought a lot and it was a great mental and nervous effort and they were better than us.

But I knew I had a very strong team defensively and had players who could develop our game to win, defense was the trump card and physically we didn’t have the energy to do more than that.

We worked a lot on the penalty shootout and I had a very strong feeling if we used it.

Withdrawing from facing Al-Ahly in the league

The decision to withdraw was not my decision. I respected the president’s decision, but it was not mine.

We should have played. I don’t have a withdrawal philosophy. I don’t think this decision affected our chances of competing in the league. The difference was really big in points.


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