FilGoal | News | Carton for In Joule: A problem with Hazem Imam? Our relationship is very good


Zamalek coach Patrice Carteron denied that there were any problems with the team leader, Hazem Emam.

“My relationship with Hazem Imam is very good,” Carteron said in a brief statement to

Pictures circulating in the Kenyan Tusker dressing room, after losing 1-0 to Zamalek, sparked a great controversy, while some press reports said that a dispute took place between Imam and his coach after the match.

Diana Yonah, the media coordinator for the Kenyan Tusker team, stressed that the club will file a complaint against Zamalek after damaging the locker room. (See details)

Hossam Al-Mandouh, head of the mission and a member of the Zamalek board of directors, revealed that he does not know the reason for what happened, indicating that the club will open an investigation into the incident. (See details)

Hazem Imam said“After the match ended, I shook hands with Carteron naturally and congratulated him and the players on the victory. I entered the dressing room alone and when I pushed the door, I was surprised that all the glass fell.”

He added, “There was none of the players or the technical and medical staff in the dressing room. I went to the officials in the stadium and apologized to them for what happened and told them that it was an unintended accident, and then I went directly to the team bus.”

He continued, “There were no crises with the coach, of course. I congratulated him on the victory, and when what happened happened, Carteron was at the press conference. How will I make a problem with him in his absence?”

He concluded, “The important thing is for Zamalek to win, not for those who participate in the match. Our goal is for this to be a start towards winning the African Champions League.”

It is noteworthy that the return match will be held on the twenty-second of October at the Army Stadium in Borg El Arab.


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