FilGoal | News | Ekrami: I focus on my mistakes a lot.. and I am honored to train under El-Hadary


Sherif Ekramy, the Pyramids goalkeeper, believes that he presented a distinguished level last season with his team in various tournaments, although only the mistakes he committed were highlighted.

Ekrami said on Ontime Sports: “Last season, there were some mistakes for me that were highlighted, but I forgot the last season and I am trying to work hard to appear better this season and help the club achieve victories, whether from inside or outside the field.”

He added, “The mistakes of last season were largely focused on, not focusing on my good performance in other matches.”

Regarding his failure to join the Egyptian national team, he said, “All respect to any technical staff that trains the Egyptian national team, and it is the only decision-maker in choosing the players, and we must support them and not issue them any crises, respect the choices of the technical staff, and wish them success.”

And he moved to talk about training in the national team under El-Hadary, saying: “I am very honored by such experiences, and there is no person who wants to succeed in this position more than El-Hadary. And competing with him on the field has nothing to do with training under his hand.

“I love football, I enjoy playing matches and training, and I don’t care about numbers and what I will do after the end of my career, I just focus on being a football player just to help my team,” he stressed.

Then he talked about the competition in the league, saying: “The competition this season will be very violent, in light of the desire of many teams to appear at a distinguished level, and whoever has continuity for a longer period will achieve his goals.”

He concluded his statements, “Al-Ahly and Zamalek are the league’s most accustomed clubs to championships, and any other club that wants to achieve the league championship must make a double effort for that.”


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