FilGoal | News | Head of the Sports Committee in Parliament: We have received 27 requests for briefing, some of which are related to the appointment of Vingada and the dismissal of Al-Badri


Mahmoud Hussein, head of the Youth and Sports Committee in the House of Representatives, clarified some of the briefing requests of the Minister of Youth and Sports, the President of the Olympic Committee, and the Chairman of the Tripartite Committee.

Mahmoud Hussein revealed to in previous statements that the aforementioned trio had been summoned for confrontation regarding Al-Hattas requests. (See details)

Mahmoud Hussein said in statements to On Time Sports: “27 requests for briefing have been submitted to us in the last 6 months regarding the Football Association, which is an unprecedented number.

He added, “Most of the briefing requests deal with wasting public money, whether in the current period or the period of the last elected federation through the Five-Year Committee.”

He continued, “Some of the requests for briefing were due to wasting an amount of one million and 800 thousand pounds due to an individual decision to dismiss technical director Hossam El-Badri.”

He concluded, “Another request regarding Vingada and his appointment as technical director of the Egyptian Federation, after his presence, there is nothing new regarding the strategy of Egyptian football and youth, and therefore we did not benefit from it, and he receives a large monthly salary of up to one million pounds.”


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