FilGoal | News | Ibrahim Nour El-Din: I asked to stay away from Al-Ahly matches for that reason..and this is the player who most opposes decisions


Ibrahim Noureddine, the international referee, revealed the reason for his request to stay away from assigning him to Al-Ahly matches in 2017.

Ibrahim Nour El-Din spoke to Al-Nahar channel, saying: “Sometimes I asked to stay away from major matches because I was not in good physical fitness, perhaps I was excluded for a certain period.”

He added, “But after my appointment, I refused to manage the match so that a wrong decision would not happen to me with a negative matter. I was focused on being in the African Nations Cup, and at that time I did not manage matches for one or two teams and went to the Nations Cup.”

He continued, “I ruled for Al-Ahly, Zamalek and Ismaili 300 matches, but the Nations Cup may be played once or twice, the matches that I excluded myself from managing, I won much more than them.”

He added, “Some matches absorb mistakes and some do not. In 2017, I was not successful and I was trying to get used to the extra referee at the time and I had problems with the assistants. If I completed the management of matches, that would have meant going the wrong way.”

He continued, “The team that I refereed only one match in 2017, I managed 5 matches last season, as the most referee in Egypt has managed matches.”

Nour El-Din stressed, “When you run matches for Al-Ahly and Zamalek, the largest in Egypt, and you become the most responsible for them, this means that you are one of the first referees in Egypt.”

video technology problems

And about the problems of video technology and filming matches, he said: “Referees are subjected to injustice because of the quality and angles of photography. There is a part of the photographers at the time of the game filming the cabin or the coach, as the television broadcast cameras are for video technology.”

He continued, “We asked the directors and photographers to focus on the matches, and if there is a shot outside the stadium, you must film it when the play stops and an agreement begins between us.”

He stressed, “I did not enter a match to be its star. It is charisma. I did nothing outside. The situation that causes the shot is what happens to me.”

He explained, “If there was a penalty kick at the last minute, I calculated it and became right or not, which is better? I think that I am one of the unlucky referees who are caused by situations that cause stardom, but raise the table around me.”

Most people object to his decisions

When asked who is the most respectful player on the field, he replied, “Imad Miteb was very respectful on the field when he was protesting, he was protesting respectfully and now.”

And he added, “In Zamalek, although the audience will be surprised, but it is Tariq Hamed. Whoever sees Tariq thinks that there is a problem with us, but he is a very respected player. Ahmed Hassan when he played with Zamalek, I managed matches for him as well.”

Ibrahim Nour El-Din concluded his speech with a laugh, “Although he is my friend, but Islam Jamal with every whistle for any team running behind me tells me to look at the video technology, and on one occasion he said it to me 15 times and I would have blown the whistle.”


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