FilGoal | News | Islam Issa receives treatment in Ethiopia after the Pyramids mission traveled to Cairo


Islam Issa, a Pyramids player, continues his treatment at the Norwegian Hospital in Ethiopia, after it was decided to postpone his travel to Cairo in order to check on him.

Mustafa Al-Muniri, head of the medical apparatus in Pyramids, revealed the stability of Issas condition, during statements to the club’s media center.

Issa had suffered a crack in the nose and a cut wound during the team’s match against its host Azzam Tanzania on Saturday, which ended without goals in the first leg of the 32nd round of the Confederation.

Issa, 25, felt sick during the return flight from Tanzania, and the plane stopped in Addis Ababa to refuel, so Pyramids decided that the player would stay in Ethiopia to receive the necessary treatment and later travel to Cairo.

And stayed with Issa in Ethiopia, both Mustafa Al-Muniri and his Portuguese assistant Luis.

Issa underwent comprehensive examinations at the Norwegian hospital, which confirmed his safety and was placed under observation until he was able to return to Cairo.

Walid Mahdi, the managing director of Pyramids, said that there was “intransigence” from officials at Addis Ababa airport after the mission requested that Islam Issa be hospitalized. (see his comments)

Pyramids will host the return match against Azzam next Saturday at the 30th of June Stadium.

The winner will advance to the playoffs and the draw will determine his/her competitor.

Pyramids is participating in the Confederation for the third consecutive season after losing the final in 2020 and was eliminated from the semi-finals in 2021.

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