FilGoal | News | Laporta promises Barcelona members that Bartomeu will be tried


Barcelona President Juan Laporta promised to open the door for club members to vote to hold the former board of directors, headed by Josep Maria Bartomeu, accountable before the court, as soon as the evidence against them is issued.

This came on the sidelines of the club’s members meeting to approve the financial accounts, which provoked the condemnation of many members with debts of approximately one billion and 350 million euros.

“I want to take this step when I have the full knowledge and all the evidence that the court will require,” Laporta said during the meeting. “Once that evidence is released we will be ready to present it directly.”

“We will decide this together. You are free to choose what to do and what to avoid. I will invite you to a meeting to decide whether or not to take this action.”

Laporta indicated that it was not possible to take this step before owning all the necessary papers, as he explained his decision to change the club’s lawyers in the “Barsa Gate” case, which is summarized by the previous administration contracting with a company to manage accounts that promote it and attack its opponents, whether former or current players. In addition to some prominent personalities in Catalonia.

“We had to change them because we want someone to defend the interests of Barcelona, ​​not the interests of the previous administration,” the club president explained.

Bartomeu was forced to resign on the twenty-seventh of last October, while Laporta was elected in March after an interim period led by Carlos Tusquets.


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