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After many shuttle trips, Tamer Mostafas dream of coaching in the Premier League almost faded and was postponed until further notice before Misr El-Makassa or “Howdy Club” appeared in the picture.

The new season of the Egyptian League witnesses the first appearance of Tamer Mustafa in the position of technical director, after a temporary experience that he assumed after Minya.

A dream that may have vanished

Tamer Mostafa wrote history when he led Coca-Cola “Future Now” to the Premier League for the first time in the club’s history.

The rise came after the attack on the lead in the last three rounds of the season to snatch it from the interior and cut the ticket to the Premier League.

Tamer Mostafa has already started preparing for the new season with Coca-Cola and played a friendly match last August.

But suddenly, with the advent of September, everything turned abruptly. Future Sports Investments acquired the Coca-Cola Club.

As it happens in most times when the club is sold and acquired, the technical staff leave, and Tamer Mostafa has already left Future.

But the dream came back to him again after Egypt Clearing agreed with him to take over the team’s training next season.

But before all that, who is Tamer Mustafa?

Tamer Mustafa spoke to, saying: “I was a player in the ranks of the Arab Contractors and one of the club’s youth, and I continued with him until the age of 28, and from there I moved to the channel before the injury to the Achilles tendon forced me to retire.”

And he continued, “I was crowned with the contractors in the 1995 Egypt Cup and the African Cup of Cups, and I played with the Olympic team under the leadership of Rod Kroll with Essam El-Hadary, Hazem Emam and Ahmed Hassan, and she was crowned in the African Games in Zimbabwe in 1995.”

And about the beginning of the training work, he said: “I worked in Wadi Tigris with Hisham Zakaria in the third degree and in El-Gouna with Anwar Salama.”

He continued, “After that, I moved to work in Jordan’s Youth with Alaa Nabil, who worked with Mahmoud El-Gohari a lot, and then the Saudi victory in the youth team.”

He continued, “I worked again with Alaa Nabil in Minya in the Premier League, and after his departure for the Egyptian national team with Shawky Gharib, I completed the task in the season that was held in the two groups.”

Tamer Mustafa added, “After that, I worked with the Saudi Youth Olympic Team under 23 years of age and crowned with it the league title. In the following season, I took over the task of the Saudi Al-Najma team and then Coca-Cola for two years.”

And he added, “With Coca-Cola, the best achievement for us and the club was to get fourth place twice, and after leaving it, I moved to the Saudi Progress Club and returned in the middle of the season to the Suez team and then the Canal.”

He continued, “After that, I returned for a second term with Coca-Cola and promoted them to the Premier League for the first time in the club’s history, and now I am with Egypt for clearing.”

And about his ambition with clearing, he said: “There are elements that are not currently available to us, but our ambition is limitless, and we will do everything to use our capabilities to achieve the best results for the team.”

And Egypt Clearing concluded 13 deals, which are Abdel Rahman Zain, Ahmed Moneim, Ali Fathi, Mahmoud Adel, Ahmed Tariq Suleiman, Ramadan Mostafa, Mahmoud Hamad, Mohamed Magdy, Mohamed Al-Darf, Hossam Abdel Wahed, Karim Abdel Nabi, Eric Sergey and John Avery.

Eric and John Avery previously worked with Tamer Mostafa at Coca-Cola and will be his strong weapon with Egypt Clearing in the new season.

“Maybe he surpasses Ihab Galal’s achievements” then moved to talk with Reda Al-Waishi, the former Coca-Cola striker and the current military production, about his coach, Tamer Mustafa.

Al-Waishi said: “Tamer Mustafa is a great coach and he will have a great affair, like Ehab Jalal, as he has great ambitions.”

He continued, “He is an offensive coach who tends to put pressure on the opponent, whether he is strong or weak, and this is what we were doing in the second division. Perhaps only in front of Al-Ahly and Zamalek has some defensive reservations.”

And the former Al-Ahly striker indicated his speech, “He attacked in front of El Entag El Harby in the Egypt Cup, achieved victory and advanced to the round of 16.”

And by playing Tamer Mostafas favorite, he said: “4-3-3 and in some matches it depends on the striker of the box, and matches that depend on the attacking trio.”

He praised, “A coach who contains all his players, you will not find a problem in the dressing room from the starters and benches.”

“I expect him to have a great future in the world of coaching, and I do not compliment him, for he took the team in the last place and ascended with us to the Premier League,” said Reda Al-Waishi.

He concluded, “He will succeed with the clearing and may exceed the achievements of Ihab Galal.”


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