FilGoal | News | Report: The Danish Federation is investigating a party gathering players from the national team and hotel workers


The English Daily Mail newspaper said that the Danish Football Association will investigate a party that took place in a hotel pool between players in the local team and female workers.

Michael Laurzen, director of the Marinelst Hotel in Denmark, revealed what happened in his interview with local newspapers, which prompted the Danish Federation to investigate the incident.

Laurzen was outraged in a leaked email he sent to hotel staff, describing what happened as “disappointing and unacceptable.”

“Unfortunately some of the staff were friendly with the national team,” Laurzen said in comments published by the English newspaper The Sun. “I never imagined that would happen. I remind you that we deal professionally and do not mix with the players personally, whether in the areas designated for guests or rooms.”

Laurzen had recounted what happened to the Danish newspaper Se og Hor by saying: “I confirm that I scolded two workers who did not abide by the rules. I always contact the Danish Football Association, and of course we discussed what happened. I was told that the workers were in one pool and the players in another, before they met in a pool.” One. This is not permissible.”

The incident took place before Denmark traveled to Moldova on October 9, when it won 4-0 in the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

The team then defeated its guest Austria on Tuesday to secure its place in the World Cup.


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