FilGoal | News | Scaloni: I don’t like to think about the World Cup and I don’t care at all


“I don’t like to think about the World Cup, I honestly don’t care at all,” said Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni after the victory over Peru.

The Tango coach talked about some of the family problems he is going through, which affected his focus with the Argentine national team, despite the victories.

Argentine football fans supported the coach through the hashtag “Scaloni stay strong” on social media.

After the victory over Peru, Scaloni said: “The first thing I want to do is go home, I haven’t seen my family for a long time. I’m not in a good family situation thinking about the World Cup. I want to go.”

“These months have been very difficult and I don’t want to know more about anything. Today this ongoing international break is over and we will see what we do next.”

According to the Argentine newspaper, Ole, the Scaloni family lives in Spain, and the coach had to see his family for a very short time in recent months due to the Argentine national team matches, and he has not seen them for two months.

He also talked about his mother’s illness, as Scaloni had said after winning the Copa America title last July while she was suffering from a health problem: “I dedicate the Copa America victory to my old lady (his mother), who went through a few days ago a very dangerous moment and is now going through it.”

His father also suffers from health problems.

According to the Argentine journalist, Scaloni traveled with the La Liga players on a private flight to Spain to meet with his family.

Argentina reached the 25th point after playing 11 matches in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, 6 points behind Brazil.

Argentina tied with Paraguay 0-0, then beat Uruguay 3-0, then Peru 1-0 in the elapsed international break.


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