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Belbeis Club, one of the Cairo Group clubs, announced the signing of Ahmed Al-Shamy, the Al-Ahly youth striker.

Al-Shami, born in 2000, joined Al-Ahly from the Republic of Shebin two seasons ago and was promoted with the first team last season.

Belbeis ended his agreement with the young Al-Ahly striker to officially join the team to compete with Belbeis this season.

Belbeis played two matches led by Tariq Jamal in the second division this season.

Belbeis tied Al-Marikh with two goals for each team, before achieving victory over Al-Entaj Al-Harby by three goals to one.

Mohamed El-Amir, a player from Belbeis, suffered a cruciate ligament injury during the El Entag El Harby match, in which he scored a goal before the injury.

Belbeis comes in second place after passing two rounds of the Cairo Group matches in the second division, with 4 points.

On the other hand, Zed Club is at the top of the full mark with 6 points after winning the two matches.


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