FilGoal | News | Second Division – Find out the results and standings of the Upper Egypt group after the third round


Minya maintained the top of the Upper Egypt group, despite the postponement of its match, and equally with Aswan, who defeated Al-Badary by four.

As for the aluminum, he missed a decisive penalty, to take the lead alone and fall to third place.

The results of the third round were as follows:

Petrol Asit defeated the media, 2-0.

And Kema Aswan beat Mallawi 2-1 away from the ground.

Aswan beat Al Badari 4-1.

Qena tied with Telephone Beni Suef 0-0.

Dayrut tied with Aluminum 1-1.

Fayoum drew 1-1 with Medina.

After the results of the third round, Aswan took the lead in the group equally with Minya, while Aluminum fell to third place.

The group arrangement was as follows:

1- Aswan: 6 points from 3 matches.

2- Minya: 6 points from two matches.

3- Aluminium: 5 points from 3 matches.

4- Assiut Petroleum: 5 points from 3 matches.

5-Kima Aswan: 5 points from 3 matches.

6- Fayoum: 4 points from 3 matches.


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