FilGoal | News | Solskjaer Conference: This is what I meant about Rashford.. and I can’t ask for better than my coaching staff


Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer began his press conference with a quick clarification of what he meant by his previous talk about team player Marcus Rashford without waiting for questions from the audience.

“We want to get the elephant out of the room,” Solskjaer said, an expression used in English to end the controversy.

“As you saw the headline that was written before Leicester City, we are proud of what Marcus does on and off the pitch, you made a headline far from what I meant,” Solskjaer said.

Solskjaer had asked Rashford to focus on football and make it a priority in his life more than his interest in charitable and community work.

And about what happened after the Leicester City meeting and the defeat by four goals to two, he said: “I think that at a club like Manchester United we need to go back to the basics and we talked together as usual, winning the next game is the goal.”

He continued, “Every team is going through an irregular phase and we are now in one of them, and the technical staff with me is amazing, taking care of every detail in training, and I can’t ask for better than that.”

“They are Manchester United men and they want to help the team mature,” he stressed.

When asked what United learned from the defeat against Leicester, he said: “I analyzed the match and knew where we had to improve, but we have to move forward in order to face Atalanta.”

And about Cristiano Ronaldos lack of pressure on the defenders, he said: “We have 11 players with different roles, and we choose the team that we think will win the match. If we don’t win, there will be criticism. Ronaldo does everything to help the team.”

He continued, “We must have a reaction against Atalanta. In the Champions League, we play six matches. If we win three at home and achieve a result away from it, we will guarantee our qualification.”

Asked if he felt safe in his position, he replied, “We have advanced over the years, we were sixth in the middle of a season in which I took charge, then third, then second, and you can see the progress.”

“We have included players who raised expectations, but we are in one boat, like all teams, and the pressure is on me, but we’ve been through this before. I always talk to the club and it’s an open and honest conversation,” Solskjaer concluded.

United will face its rival Atalanta on Wednesday in the third round of the Champions League at Old Trafford for Group F.

United is in third place with three points, while its rivals top the group with four points.


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