FilGoal | News | Solskjaer Conference: Van de Beek? I have a record in my participation as an alternative.. and what is happening with us has no explanation


Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer spoke about the position of Donny van de Beek, the team’s player, after he expressed his displeasure at not participating in the team’s last match against Villarreal in the Champions League.

“I manage a team that includes many international players who want to make the difference, they all want to play,” Solskjaer spoke at a press conference held on Friday.

And he continued, “Donnie was ready to play like everyone else, I played as a substitute than anyone in this club maybe, I think I have a record of playing as a substitute, and you have to be ready all the time.”

“Of course I wasn’t always happy, but that’s the coach’s decision.”

And the Norwegian coach added, “Alex Telles should have been replaced and Fred played well as a left-back, so I understand the distress, of course the player would like to play and Doni did not negatively affect his teammates.”

“Once I see players negatively affecting the team, this is a different scenario and I will probably be more assertive,” he stressed.

Solskjaer denied reports that Cristiano Ronaldo asked him to tell the midfielders to speed up the ball forward to score more goals.

He said: “Wow, this is another news that is said about us. What is said between me and him will remain between us, but we did not talk about that.”

Solskjaer expressed his anger at setting a date for Saturday’s meeting with Everton, after he played last Wednesday’s match in the Champions League.

He said: “There is no explanation, there is absolutely no common sense. There was the same thing last season, we played in Turkey and then against Everton.”

And he added, “We have to do it, and we don’t have to do it last season that we can do it again.”

“We and Chelsea played on Wednesday, so it was logical for Liverpool and Manchester City to play their match on Saturday.”


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