FilGoal | News | Sport: Bayern is trying to take advantage of the financial crisis in Barcelona


The Spanish newspaper Sport revealed the desire of the Bayern Munich administration to sign players from Barcelona, ​​​​taking advantage of the economic crisis that the club suffers from.

The management of Bayern Munich believes that the current situation of the Spanish team is an opportunity to get some players from it easily, and the evidence is the departure of Lionel Messi to Paris Saint-Germain with ease, due to the financial crisis.

Bayern Munich currently enjoys great economic strength, and therefore sees that it may be the focus of attention for Barcelona players if they decide to leave the team, but so far the German club has not officially opened any talk with them.

Even at the sporting level, Bayern Munich is better than Barcelona by returning to the results of the recent matches between the two teams, and therefore the administration believes that all players may agree to leave given the current conditions, and even the Barcelona administration may accept offers in order to revive the club’s treasury.

According to Sport, the names that Bayern Munich are watching are, Marc-Andre ter Stegen, who may be the replacement for Manuel Neuer in the future, and Frenkie de Jong, and Pedri to strengthen the midfield.

The club is also monitoring the situation of right-back Serginio Dest, who was monitored by the administration since before joining Barcelona, ​​and almost signed for Bayern Munich before the Spanish club entered into negotiations and ended it with Ajax.

Therefore, the Barcelona administration sees Bayern Munich as a major threat to kidnapping the team’s players, especially in a period when the club needs to strengthen the formation by adding new elements and not neglecting the existing players.

Barcelona is currently ninth in the Spanish League with 12 points after eight rounds and with a game postponed for the Catalan team.

At the level of the European Champions League, the club occupies the last place in Group E without a score of points, after two consecutive defeats against Benfica and Bayern Munich.


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