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The Egyptian Football Association – The Football Association – An official statement

The Egyptian Football Association announced the rejection of the International Football Association (FIFA) to make any amendments to the statute.

“FIFA made it clear that entering into the process of making amendments to the statutes of the Egyptian Football Association less than three months before the end of the mandate of the normalization committee entrusted with its management is risky and does not comply with the FIFA Council’s recent decision regarding extending the mandate of the committee,” the statement said.

He stressed, “This came in FIFA’s response to the request of a number of clubs to make some amendments to the provisions of the regulations that were approved last November and approved by FIFA last June, and in turn the Egyptian Federation submitted these requests to the International Federation.”

He stressed, “The International Federation’s response also stated a statement of the reasons for the futility of the proposals submitted regarding the amendments, and it dealt with this by responding to each of the amendment proposals in detail.”

And he concluded, “It was also specified by FIFA’s response that the committee would manage the upcoming electoral process and the General Assembly on the basis of the statute of the Federation 2020 approved by FIFA, and the electoral regulation for the Egyptian Federation 2021.”

What happened?

The Football Association had addressed the members of the General Assembly on Thursday before last, to provide him with their requests to amend the list of the Football Association, in preparation for sending it to FIFA to express its opinion on those amendments, in preparation for holding the Jabaliya elections. (see details)

Earlier, revealed the most prominent club requests, which are..

  • The application of the 8-year clause retroactively, so that a member who has spent 8 years as a board member of the Football Association is not entitled to run for the membership seat, but must run as a deputy or as a president, while a member who has spent 8 years as a vice-president is not entitled to run except for the seat of the president The President of the Football Association for a period of 8 years is not allowed to run in the first place.
  • Conducting elections by a closed list system, whereby elections are held between lists, while adhering to the presence of a seat for women.
  • The call for an extraordinary general assembly requires a request of 25% of the members of the general assembly, in contrast to the regulation that requires a request of 50% of the members to call for an extraordinary general assembly and hold elections.
  • The broadcasting percentage of the first division competitions shall be distributed at 5% for each of the First Division Clubs, the Second Division Clubs, the Third Division Clubs, and the Football Association, while the remaining 80% shall be distributed to the First Division clubs.
  • Supervision of the Disciplinary Committee of the Football Association on the electoral process.
  • By-elections are not held if the position of the president becomes vacant by death or resignation, but the deputy is escalated, and if the position of the deputy is vacant for any reason, the oldest member is escalated.

Subsequently, the Football Association sent those requests to FIFA, before rejecting those amendments.


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