FilGoal | News | UEFA Chief Referee on Mbappe’s goal: The text of the law contradicts its spirit


Roberto Rossetti, the former Italian international referee and head of the UEFA Referees Committee, is seeking to amend the text of the offside law if the opponent plays the ball.

The goal of Kylian Mbappe, the star of France, sparked controversy after he scored against Spain after a pass from Eric Garcia, the latter’s defender, and was the first before it in an offside position.

A goal that gave France its first title in the European Nations League after beating Spain 2-1 in Milan.

Rossetti said about the incident: “The goal is correct, but it shows us that the text of the law contradicts its spirit, which is to prevent the offside player from exploiting the situation to his advantage.”

“We can improve the text developed by the International Federation Council (IFAB),” he added.

Rossetti explained that he had contacted IFAB as well as the International Football Association “FIFA” to “discuss solutions at the next meeting of IFAB’s technical advisors” scheduled for October 27.

The current text of the law is: “If a player in an offside position receives the ball after an opponent has deliberately played it, even if by hand or arm, he is not considered to have benefited from his position.”

Spain captain Sergio Busquets, who won the UEFA Nations League Player of the Year award, said after the meeting that the referee told him that he had awarded the goal because Garcia touched the ball and thus it became a new game other than Hernandez’s pass, which Mbappe was offside at the time.

While Spain coach Luis Enrique stated that Mbappe’s goal was “a clear offside”.

For its part, the Spanish newspaper AS returned to its arbitration expert, Ituraldi Gonzalez, to explain Taylor’s decision.

Defending Taylor, Gonzalez said: “Mbappe was offside at the beginning, there is no doubt about that. But if Garcia really touched the ball, the goal is correct.”

He added, “Garcia was on the ground and touched the ball, and this made Mbappe’s position correct. The latter was not overlapping when Garcia touched the ball. The rule says that the player must interfere to be charged offside. Garcia was free while touching the ball.”

He concluded, “At the time I was leading the games (Itoraldi retired in 2012), the ball would not have counted as an offside because it was related to the extent of the opposing player’s interference. Mbappe was not overlapping, he did not try to prevent Garcia from reaching the ball.”

On the other hand, Alfonso Perez Borol, arbitration expert for the Spanish newspaper Marca, disagreed with his compatriot Itoraldi.

He denounced the goal’s calculating by saying: “It is surprising that the TV transmission officials did not draw the offside line when Mbappe was offside.”

“Mbappe interfered in the game and was offside. That’s right, even if Garcia touched the ball.”


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