FilGoal | News | Xavi: Training Barcelona? I am open to all possibilities


Xavi Hernandez, the former Barcelona player and the current Qatari coach of Al-Sadd, has not decided his fate if his former club asked him to take over his coaching yet.

Some reports indicate that the Barcelona administration is considering hiring Xavi as an alternative in case the club wants to sack Ronald Koeman due to poor results.

Xavi said in statements to “Espanola TV”: “I see my complete reflection in the Spain national team. It is the method in which we have worked for many years, which is to dominate the ball, possession and continue to attack.”

He continued, “Luis Enrique is a very good coach, he asks a lot from you and conveys a lot to the player. He calls a lot of young players for the Spanish national team, and I see him as very brave.”

“Because of their greater experience, I see France as the few favorites to win,” he added.

He concluded, “A possible offer from Barcelona? Which offer will be evaluated and then I will decide, I do not know where my future will take me, but I am open to all possibilities.”

Al Sadd, led by Xavi, is at the top of the Qatari league after obtaining the full mark by winning the first five matches.


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