Find out the list of prohibited matches in the new league matches after the fans return


The Association of Clubs has put in place a number of materials that are prohibited for the fans to accompany them in the matches of the new league, especially after the decision to return the fans, specifically two thousand fans in each match.

The list of penalties sent to the clubs included a large list of prohibited substances, which are:

– laser pointers

Cans of paint, sprays, perfumes, chemicals, or any other materials that cause fire or damage.

– Fireworks and torches.

– Cigarettes and their accessories, meds and electronic cigarettes.

Loudly noisy horns or gas horns.

– the animals.

– Batteries, chargers or energy storage devices.

Umbrellas and selfie stick.

Paper rolls.

– Weapons, explosives and sharp tools.

– Glass or metal containers and cups. Only plastic cups are allowed.

– Audio or video recording or taking pictures, except for personal use only.

Alcohol and drugs.

Racist items such as flags or T-shirts.


– Promotional or advertising materials.

Balls of all kinds.

It is forbidden to use a stick with a length of more than 50 cm.


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