First year passport.. A surprise test from Mona Al-Shazly to Hanadi Muhanna.. Shocking confessions


The media, Mona El-Shazly, dedicated, through her program with you, broadcast on CBC, a segment for the artist Hanadi Muhanna, in which she reveals the year of her first marriage, “It happened or not.”

And she said, “I saw Ahmed with me a Turkish movie, and I burned the food on the fire on New Year’s Day, and the one who exposed the smoke, Ahmed opened the door, and the smoke was the money of the apartment, and I did not waste any of his tassels. Leah’s job was his going out and her ice cream.”

The artist Hanadi Muhanna said: “Last Ramadan, I did not participate in any series, and I got engaged to Ahmed Khaled Saleh before the series “Al-Fatwa” and only the family and close friends know, not the actors with us in the series, and that she loves the series and its scenes, adding that she participates in a crocodile movie The Nile, and for the first time embodying a female lead, has not yet been determined for its cinematic release and has a dramatic story.

And she added, during her interview with the media, Mona El-Shazly, through her program with you, broadcast on CBC, that the difference in work is the calm between her true character and Maryam’s character in the series, in fact otherwise, and what we share is overcoming many problems that need in her personality, commenting: “Amazing Ahmed Khaled Saleh in Maryam’s personality is calm, and he was studying the scenes for me,” adding: “I did a very harsh diet, and I was very depressed in the stages of the diet, I resorted to a diet and other things, and I took a vow to myself that I would return to the size of my clothes in a year 2018, and the clothes scale, not the kilogram scale, and it was a difficult period, and I went down from 40 to 50 kilos.”

And “Without Guarantee” is the third story of the second season of the series “Except I”, where the first, “Beit Ezz”, starring Sahar Al-Sayegh, Roshdy Al-Shami, Essam Al-Sakka, Tamer Nabil, Safa Al-Toukhi, Salwa Muhammad Ali and directed by Ahmed Yousry, was shown, and the second titled “With the Paper and the Pen” starring Yousra El Lozy, Ali El Tayeb, Nour Mahmoud, directed by Mohamed Bakir.


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