For the first time, Suhair Ramzy reveals the secrets of her repeated marriages


The media, Wafaa Al-Kilani, will host on the “dmc” channel, the next Thursday and Friday, the Egyptian artist, Suhair Ramzy, on the “Sira” program.

During the meeting, Suhair Ramzy talks about her personal life and childhood memories, and her strong relationship with her mother, the artist Doria Ahmed. She also reviews many stages of her personal and artistic life, and her dealings with her friends from inside and outside the artistic community, especially before and after removing the veil.

Suhair Ramzy also reveals how she got to know her real father at the age of 13, then her repeated marriages and the reasons for her refusal to have children, in addition to the difficult and different situations she went through during her artistic career.

The Egyptian actress, Elham Shaheen, had recently revealed the secret behind the attempt of her second husband, the Lebanese businessman, Izzat Kaddoura, to disfigure her by throwing fire water on her face.

Shaheen said in the second part of her meeting with the “Sira” program, that her ex-husband sought to distort her features after she refused his request to marry her again so that she would be infallible and divorce her again.

And about the fact that the Egyptian actress, Suhair Ramzy, caused her divorce from her first husband, Adel Hosni, Ilham Shaheen denied this.

She confirmed that the reason for her divorce from Adel Hosni was that he lied to her about not producing films, while he was assuring her that he did not want her to continue her work in art and to be a mother and housewife in return.

Elham Shaheen continued that it became clear to her that Adel Hosni was producing films for Suhair Ramzi in complete secrecy without her knowledge, and she was the last to know, which made her ask for a divorce from him, stressing that she strongly hates lying.



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