Former Real Madrid coach: Mohamed Salah was able to develop his talent like Messi


Pablo Campos, former Real Madrid coach, said that the international Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool star, is like the Argentine Lionel Messi, adding: “I encountered many players, but in my opinion there are technical matters sometimes that prevent these talents and stadiums, and Mohamed Salah is like Messi and others.” One of the few who was able to develop her talent.

“The players who have been able to develop their talent must continue to shine,” Campos added, in televised statements.

A new statistic monitored by British newspapers showed the superiority of the Egyptian international, Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool player, over his Portuguese counterpart, Cristiano Ronaldo, the Manchester United winger, during their participation in the English Premier League, before their expected confrontation, which will take place at five thirty in the evening next Sunday at the “Old Trafford” stadium, in the ninth round of competitions. The age of the English Premier League championship “Premier League” for the current season 2021 / 2022.

According to the British newspaper, “The Sun”, Mohamed Salah outperformed in the speed race at the expense of Cristiano Ronaldo, in addition to the average number of meters performed by each player in the tournaments, which are monitored by performance analysis companies, which confirm that the Egyptian pharaoh is the best on both levels.

Reports showed that Mohamed Salah runs an average of 9.4 kilometers per game, with a slight difference from Cristiano Ronaldo, who runs only 9.3.

While Mohamed Salah’s maximum speed in the English Premier League reached 20.1 km, compared to 15.1 for Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo.


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