Founder Othman Episode 65 HD | Details of the presentation of the third season of the series “The Resurrection of Othman bin Artgrel” with Arabic subtitles, ATV channel


Othman, Episode 65, Season Three | Turkish drama lovers receive the new part of the series “The Resurrection of Osman bin Ertugrul, after a long wait, as the historical conflicts continue in the work that achieved amazing success during the first and second seasons of it in previous years on the Turkish ATV HD channel, a work that is an extension of the episodes of the series” The Resurrection of Ertugrul”, whose viewership has reached more than 3 billion views on social media, and we will show you the details of the first episode of the Othman series, the channels that carry it, and the date of its presentation on TV screens with an Arabic translator.

Founder Othman Episode 65

series Othman 65| The previous parts of the Osman bin Artgrel Resurrection series achieved an unparalleled success that exceeded the limits of what was expected of them, and this is a result of the huge production cost that was provided to work by the Turkish government, in addition to the creamy plot that clearly expressed an important historical reality for Turkey and the Islamic world, as it The first episode of the third season is expected to be shown at the beginning of next October, after I started filming some scenes and agreed with the heroes of the work in the new part.

Champions of the third season, Resurrection of Othman 65

The episodes of the Resurrection of Othman series, the third season, include a group of Turkish drama heroes, who also participated in the first and second parts, and they are actor Burak Ozcivit as Ghazi Osman Ibn Ertugrul, actress Aisha Gul Junay, Raghib Savas, Noureddin Sonmaz, Aslhan Karalar, Jalal Al, and Didam Balchin.

Resurrection Othman series, episode 65
Resurrection Othman series, episode 65

The Resurrection of Othman Episode 1 Season Three

The Turkish satellite channel ATV owns the rights to the first and exclusive show of the episodes of the Osman Resurrection series, where the company that produces the work announced that it will show the third part on its screen on a weekly basis on Wednesday at eight in the evening.


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