Gold prices rise in evening transactions.. and 21 karat records 786 pounds


witnessed gold price in egyptToday, Friday, the price of gold on the global stock exchanges continued to rise to a level exceeding $1800 an ounce, a few hours before the market closed.

Gold price today in Egypt:

Carat 18 records 674 pounds per gram.

21 carat records 786 pounds per gram.

24 carat records 898 pounds per gram.

The gold pound is 6288 pounds.

An ounce of gold is 1805 dollars.

Gold prices recorded an increase in Egypt with the global rise of an ounce, and the movement of an ounce to the upside came due to the weakness of the dollar, while inflationary pressures boosted the demand for the precious metal as a safe haven, and gold rose in spot transactions 1805 dollars.


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