“Google Chrome” adds a feature to smartphones that has been on the computer for years


The Internet browser, “Google Chrome”, launched a new feature on smartphones, which has been present in its computer version for the past years, as “Google Chrome” announced that it has added the “News Tracking” (RSS) feature to smartphones, which when activated can follow everything It is new of news and publications issued by a particular site.

The feature is currently available on “Android” phones, and it is scheduled to be available on “iPhone” next year, and there is a button to follow the news from a specific site in the “RSS” service if you use the “Chrome 94” browser, but the Director of Engineering in “Google Chrome” confirmed. Adrian Porter, that the feature can be activated manually by going to: flags, then searching for “Web Feed” and activating it.

And the Google Chrome browser announced last week that it was testing new features in order to facilitate the search process on the Internet, which are “Journeys” or “Tours”, which allow users to search the search history manually or create a “Bookmarks” folder for all sites. previously visited.

Google Chrome is also testing another feature, which is that when you click on any link, a “G” will appear next to the address bar above, and when you click on it, a side panel will appear on the screen with other results for what the user is searching for.


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