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Director Hadi El Bagoury talked about his latest film, “Moon 14”, which was shown in an out-of-competition section at the fifth edition of El Gouna Film Festival.

This afternoon, a press conference was held, attended by a number of the heroes of the work. Al-Bagouri spoke about the film, saying that it was one of the most smooth films for him during its implementation. He said that he worked on the script with the author Mahmoud Zahran, and he said that he was working with him as an assistant director, and one day he came to him and said that he wrote the film and began Work on it and send the first version of it to the actors, and he usually sends the seventh version.

And about the scene of the kiss that was shown in the film and the applause of the audience at the time of its presentation, he said: “We have reached the point that people fall asleep when you make a kiss in the movie. This is the stage of its monster. In love, you have the right to kiss someone you love. We reached the point that we prevented it.”

He added, “We gathered and did not do it in a brutal way, and I am not against doing a sexual scene, and we are supposed to understand and see what I feel. We have reached the point that the actress is not satisfied with playing the role of a dancer in characters that we will not be able to present in films.”

Hadi Al-Bagoury confirmed that this movie is the fastest movie he finished shooting.

The movie “Moon 14” consists of five stories that include a large number of art stars, including Khaled Al-Nabawi, Ghada Adel, Yasmine Rais, Ahmed Al-Fishawy, Ahmed Malik, Sherine Reda, Bayoumi Fouad, Ahmed Hatem, Asmaa Abu Al-Yazid and others, produced by Ahmed Al-Sabki and directed by Hadi Al-Bagouri.

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