Hala Sedky criticizes the screening of the movie “feathers” at the El Gouna Festival: The truth did not appear in Egypt.


Actress Hala Sedky said that Egypt is living in a new era during the era of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, expressing her dissatisfaction with the screening of the movie “feathers” at the El Gouna Film Festival, saying: “Egypt had a boom in the film industry, but the film Feathers does not keep pace with it.”“.

Hala Sidqi added, in a telephone interview to the “On My Responsibility” program, presented by the media, Ahmed Moussa, on the Sada Al-Balad channel, that there is no relationship between poverty and bad morals, adding: “After we watched the movie and talked with him, he explained to us that the movie was 4 years ago, but it was The film should show a positive image of Egypt, because it is an insulting film and not an Egyptian movie, because Egypt is something else.“.

And she continued: “There is a state of great anger among the artists who watched the movie Feathers because of its abuse of Egypt, and the movie Feathers is an experimental film and the latest case of alienation for everyone who watched it and great resentment from the artists.

And the artist, Hala Sedky, continued, that she considers the movie “feathers” a fantasy and not realistic, especially since the locations of its filming did not take place in Egypt, and continued: “You feel that you are watching the Belgrade movie in Germany before the Second World War.”

Hala Sedky added: “People in the movie are not added and the money is even old, and cigarettes are present and fixed in all scenes of the movie, and this movie is like an experimental painting, but because we are excited about Egypt and the big batch in it, we reject it, and the movie was shown 4 years ago, and we were not 4 years ago from now We expect the great development in Egypt and the great boom that occurred in a short time.”

And she continued: “I enter the homes of the poor, and the homes of the people are like elephants, and this is what annoyed me from the movie, and I do not have a problem with the poor, but the problem is that I show a filthy person who is not poor, and the real picture should have been shown in Egypt,” he continued: “There was very great resentment.” From all colleagues and attendees after watching the film because Egypt is not like that, and the reaction was spontaneous from the people in El Gouna.”


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