Hana Al-Zahid criticizes the phenomenon of “influencers” attending film festivals


In her meeting with the media, Engy Ali, within the “Secrets of the Stars” program, which is presented by the latter on Radio Nogoum FM, the artist Hana Al-Zahid denounced the phenomenon of the spread of influenza in film festivals such as “El Gouna” and “Cairo Film Festival” in recent times, noting that she goes to festivals from In order to attend the seminars and watch the films participating in them.

She added that the informants do not belong to the artistic field, saying: “Why are the informants present at film festivals more than actors and participants in the film industry?”

Al-Zahid pointed out that she did not intend to offend anyone, and explained that her sister, Nour Influencer, said: “With all due respect to all of them, I do not mean anything. I don’t have any of my friends in the film industry… It is possible that there is a big and well-known star who works all her life and presents the cinema with many works, and there is no special festival for the film industry. “.

Hana Al-Zahid concluded her speech by saying: “I see people who have horrible confidence and keep coming to attend Red Carpet and imagine in dresses, without having a movie or anything.”


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