Hanadi Muhanna: “Josie was studying a series for me, except for me, and I lost 50 kilos for clothes.”


Actress Hanady Muhanna said that she embodied the character of Maryam with the story “Without Guarantee” in the series “Except I” and is considered an important station in her career, and she received many messages similar to the story of the series, and that “Al-Hadwa” revealed very many benefits to viewers, adding that the girls who did not They take the advice of their parents, so they discover in the future that all their advice is true.

She added, during her interview with the media, Mona El-Shazly, through her program with you, broadcast on CBC, that it is the first time she interacts with a series in this way, stressing that the idea of ​​a family home is rejected, and the spouses must live outside the family home so that there are no problems in dealing. Hajar Ahmed, Ahmed Kishk, Islam Jamal, Ahmed Badir and all the participants in the story were very well represented.

And she continued, that the difference in the work is the calm between her true personality and the character of Maryam in the series, in fact otherwise, and what we have in common is the many problems needed in her personality, commenting: “Ajab Ahmed Khaled Saleh in Maryam’s personality is calm, and he was studying the scenes for me.” She added: “I did a very harsh diet, and I was very depressed in the stages of the diet, I resorted to a diet and other things, and I took a vow to myself that I would return to the size of my clothes in 2018, and the clothes balance and not the weight of kilograms, and it was a difficult period, and I went down from 40 for 50 kilos.

She explained: “Last Ramadan, I did not participate in any series, and I got engaged to Ahmed Khaled Saleh before the series “Al-Fatwa” and only the people and her close friends know, not the actors with us in the series, and that she loves the series and its scenes, adding that she participates in the Nile Crocodile movie, and the first Once, she embodies a female lead, and his cinematography has not yet been determined, and it has a dramatic story.

Hanadi Muhanna highlighted her skills on the drum, and the audience interacted with her inside the studio, commenting: “I love the sound of the drum very much.” She made a phone call to her husband, Ahmed Khaled Saleh, to choose a song to sing on the air.


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