“Hazard and an amount of money” .. Reports: Real Madrid is studying the inclusion of Salah


European reports claimed that the Real Madrid administration is considering making an offer to Liverpool to sign Mohamed Salah, the Reds star.

Salah moved to Liverpool during the summer of 2017, from Rome, and his contract with the Reds is scheduled to expire at the end of June 2023.

According to the “ESPN” network, the Real Madrid administration is preparing for a sudden exchange deal with Liverpool by offering a player in addition to a financial amount in exchange for the 29-year-old’s inclusion.

She added that Real Madrid is seeking to take advantage of the stalled negotiations to extend Salah’s contract with Liverpool to enter the deal.

And “ESPN” indicated that Real Madrid is preparing to make an offer to Liverpool that includes the sale of the Belgian Eden Hazard, in addition to a sum of money in order to contract with the Egyptian international.

She also indicated that Real Madrid is waiting for Liverpool to resolve its position on the extension of Salah in order to enter the line of negotiations.

It is worth noting that the English newspaper “Mirror” confirmed today, Sunday, that the Colombian Rami Abbas (Salah’s agent) traveled to England to follow the Reds match against Watford in the eighth round of the English Premier League, in addition to negotiating with the management of the English club regarding the extension of the Egyptian pharaoh’s contract. For more details, click here


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