“He flew out of the car” .. new details about the horrific accident of the artist Wael Kfoury



Mohamed Azakir

Lebanese singer Wael Kfoury

The Lebanese MP, Hadi Hobeish, a close friend of the artist, Wael Kfoury, revealed the latest health developments of the latter, and the details of the horrific traffic accident, after which the artist was taken to the hospital.

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Lebanese artist Wael Kfoury suffers a terrible traffic accident (photos)

In an interview with the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Ras, Hadi Hobeish indicated that “Wael Kfoury was traveling at a speed of about 100 km on the highway, when his car hit a car that came out of a junction, causing him to fly (out of the seat), because he was not wearing a seat belt, Unlike his girlfriend, Shana Abboud, but their condition is stable and their injuries do not exceed bruises, pointing out that the one who bumped Wael is a Syrian person, but he fled and that they knew his nationality from his car plate.

The Lebanese MP confirmed that the artist “miraculously survived, and Saint Rafqa was the one who protected him from death,” explaining that his cousin and business manager Eddy Ghanem was the first to arrive at the scene of the accident and also lay in the hospital after being shocked by seeing Wael while he was in this condition.

Regarding the details of the horrific accident, Hadi Hobeish said: “Wael was on the Jbeil highway, and when he returned from visiting Saint Rafqa, a car that came from one of the intersections on the right, driven by a Syrian, hit him, causing this horrific accident, knowing that Wael was traveling at a speed of 110. kilometer on the highway,” noting that “the car overturned several times, not once, and he miraculously survived, and any similar accident can usually lead to death, but he was returning from a visit to Saint Rafqa, who protected him and stood behind his survival.”

Regarding Wael’s injury and condition, Hobeish explained that the Lebanese artist “has only bruises, and that in a similar accident, no one believes that survival is possible.”

He added: “Friday, Wael was very shocked, and he did not realize what happened to him, and when I visited him, he told me that he did not know how he got to the hospital. The accident occurred at half past nine at night, and I was with him around 11 at night, he was conscious and everything was.” Naturally, but he was shocked by the horror of the accident.”

Hebeish pointed out that Habiba Wael was with the latter in the car during the accident, and she suffered bruises like him.

On a question: “Why does his manager Eddy Ghanem not respond to the calls to check on him?” Hobeish answered, saying: “Eddie was with him in the hospital, because he was in great shock because of the accident, and he was the first person to reach him, so what happened, because he found him in a scene Scary..Wael flew out of the car, and his girlfriend stayed in it, because she was wearing a seat belt, while Wael was not wearing a seat belt, so he flew out of the car because of the severity of the impact, but both of them miraculously survived.

Source: Kuwaiti “Al Rai”


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