He refused to take pictures with him and beat him… Hama Beca smashes the face of a “fan”


A new crisis is chasing Egyptian festival singer, Hamo BekaA decision was issued by the First Amreya Public Prosecution in Alexandria to seize and bring the singer and his bodyguard, after accusing them of assaulting a fan who requested filming with the artist, but the latter refused.

In the details, Major General Mahmoud Abu Amra, Director of Alexandria Security, received a notification from the first Amreya Police Department warden, stating that a report had been received from Sameh M.L, 38 years old, a shop owner, accusing Mohamed Mahmoud Mustafa, known as Hamo Beka, 33 years old. , festival singer, assaulted him by beating.

Investigations also revealed that while he was at a gas station to fuel his car at kilo 21 Alexandria-Matrouh coastal road, he saw the singer Hamo Beka, and tried to approach him to take a picture with him, but he was surprised by his guards who prevented him and beat him without reason and caused damage to his mobile phone, according to what newspapers reported. local.

According to the report issued on the incident, the victim added in the investigations of the Public Prosecution Office when he was blaming the guards, Hamo Beka also beat him, causing his injury, according to what he said.

Facial bone fractures and abrasions

Also, the medical report of the victim, attached to the report, revealed that he had a fracture of the facial bones, blood collection in the right eye, and abrasions, accusing Hamo Beka and his bodyguard of assaulting and injuring him. The necessary report of the incident was also drawn up at the First Amiriya Police Department, and the Public Prosecution notified the investigations.

For its part, the prosecution ordered the release of the popular singer and his bodyguard on bail of 5,000 pounds each, after they appeared before the prosecution to take their statements in the incident of assaulting a person who tried to take a picture with Hama Beka, unless they were wanted in other cases.

Hitting and bad words

It is noteworthy that a similar incident occurred last July, when Egyptian media circulated a video of a moment of a quarrel between festivals singer Hamu Beka in the street with citizens, in the Marina on the North Coast, after his car collided with another.

The popular artist appeared in the video cursing the owners of the other car, assaulting them with beatings and obscene words, with the two sides clashing, and some trying to separate the two parties.

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