He removed the disfigurement of his face and part of his nose… The story of a defining day in the life of the Dean of the theater Youssef Wehbe


In the life of each of us there are distinguished days and unforgettable situations that had a great impact on his life, as well as the stars in the lives of each of them.

Among these stars is the great artist Youssef Wehbe, the dean of the Arab theater, who in his life had moments, situations and distinguished days that he talked about in his dialogues and kept remembering them throughout his life, and among these days is on March 23, 1925, the day of the opening of his famous band, the Ramses Theatrical Troupe.

It was also one of the most important days of the life of the dean of the Arab theater, the day he underwent surgery while at the beginning of his life he yearned for the world of art, and this surgery consisted of removing an extra part of his nose that was distorting his face and hindering his work in the cinema. When Egyptian cinema began to progress, Youssef Wehbe wanted to work in acting. The filmmaker, but experiences proved that his face was not fit to stand in front of the camera because of this deformity in his nose, and Youssef Wehbe grieved greatly and kept visiting the clinics of the most famous surgeons in Egypt to find a solution, but they all confirmed that there is no solution to this defect.

After two years of this confusion, Youssef Wehbe visited an Egyptian doctor who assured him that there is a great surgeon in Germany who excelled in plastic surgery and can perform surgery to get rid of this defect that is bothering him. Indeed, the Dean of Arab Theater traveled to Germany and presented himself to this doctor who agreed to perform the surgery. A few days later, the doctor removed the ligaments from above Youssef Wehbe’s face, so that this day would be one of the happiest days of the great artist, who almost fainted from the intensity of joy as he looked at his face in the mirror and made sure that this distortion was removed and that he could work in the cinema. Here he embraced the German doctor and kept kissing and thanking him And he left the hospital to send an urgent telegram to his friend, director Mohamed Karim, to tell him this good news and his willingness to work in the cinema, and this day was one of the defining days in the life of Youssef Wehbe.


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